Custom Jewelry Boxes

All jewelry sellers have the same goal. It's about creating a stylish and unique custom jewelry box that will leave endless impressions in your customers' hearts. With our custom-designed jewelry boxes, you can make your brand a favorite jewelry store for women and jewelry lovers by making bracelets, Brooches, rings boxes.


We Offer Free Support With Our Team of Experts

Our professional, talented and knowledgeable packaging specialists use their creativity to create these custom jewelry boxes in unique and user-friendly styles of opening and closing. 


Unique Designs of Custom Jewelry Boxes

We design these unique and classy box styles including a two-piece style for a luxurious look, a hinge opening style for easy access to your jewelry, a band clasp that adds charm to your diamond ring, and a shoulder strap that doubles the elegance of your jewelry.


Help Your Brand Stand Out On Display

Our customized jewelry boxes will help your brand stand out on display. Customized Boxes provides a diverse choice of Jewelry Boxes made of innovative and inventive solid boxes for your unique items. You may select from a number of personalized jewelry boxes that can be used for a variety of purposes. Given the significance of the jewelry, it is only reasonable that the box in which it is stored be of high quality.


Wholesale Deals On Material Of Your Choice For Jewelry Boxes

Packaging for Jewelry Boxes are often formed of cardboard, Kraft paper, and crumpled corrugated material; however, you may have them manufactured of any material of your choice, such as glass, metal, plastic, and so on. Assume you wish to make use of cardboard jewelry boxes. If you want embellishments, deposing, foil stamping, or raised ink, they will be stamped in brilliant colors with a matte or shine finish. Spot UV can also be included in your specifications.


Fast Processing & Free Shipping

At Tim Packaging, we prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why we offer free shipping on all our quickly processed orders. We understand that shipping costs can sometimes add up and impact your budget. That's why we have taken the initiative to cover the shipping expenses, ensuring that our valued customers can enjoy the convenience of receiving their custom boxes without any additional charges. 


No Die-Cut Charges

Say goodbye to expensive die and cut charges with Tim Packaging. We believe in providing our customers with cost-effective solutions for their packaging needs. We don't burden you with additional fees for die and cut services.


Finest Quality of Customized Jewelry Boxes

We ensure the total happiness of our client with the best quality.  Jewelry craftsmen, merchants, and retailers, can get high-quality, custom-designed collapsible solid boxes and magnetic closure boxes. Our unique printed jewelry boxes can be tailored with your brand's design, message, and logo and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, text, and covers.


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UV Coated Foil Stamped Printed Jewelry Boxes

Our packaging complements the beauty of the jewelry products with luxury add-ons such as foil stamping. This feature gives the visual content and design a metallic shine and is available in hues other than gold and silver. The package has a unique appearance because of the use of high-end commercial offset, screen, and digital printing. UV coating, for example, provides a high-gloss surface that is eye-catching. 


Avail Free Unlimited Quotes on Cheap Wholesale Prices

To provide our valued clients the confidence to price their items confidently in the market, we offer 100% free delivery to the United States and Canada on all of our products. In this approach, our clients may save a lot of money, which clearly influences their market pricing by allowing them the ability to lower their costs while still making a solid profit. Tim Packaging empowers you for decision-making by offering unlimited wholesale quotes for your custom design jewelry boxes.