Custom Sleeves

When it comes to customized sleeves, there are various options available to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a large quantity of sleeves or want to personalize them with unique designs, bulk, printed, and wholesale solutions are the way to go.

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Bulk Custom Sleeves

Bulk custom sleeves offer a cost-effective solution for high-volume orders. Whether you're planning a promotional campaign, attending trade shows, or organizing events, bulk orders are the way to go. 

With discounted prices per unit, you can save on costs while fulfilling your sleeve requirements. These sleeves are available in various sizes, materials, and finishes, allowing you to choose the best option for your specific needs.

Printed Custom Sleeves

Make a lasting impression with printed custom sleeves. These sleeves provide an opportunity to personalize your packaging with logos, branding elements, or custom artwork. From simple one-color designs to vibrant full-color graphics, the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you need sleeves for packaging products, gift items, or promotional materials, printed custom sleeves add a professional touch and enhance brand recognition.

Wholesale Custom Sleeves

Wholesale custom sleeves offer convenience and affordability for businesses that require sleeves on a regular basis. By purchasing in larger quantities, you can benefit from wholesale prices, resulting in cost savings. 

This option is particularly suitable for retailers, restaurants, or any business that frequently uses sleeves. Wholesale custom sleeves come in a wide selection of materials, sizes, and customization possibilities, ensuring you find the perfect sleeves to complement your products or services.

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At Tim Packaging, we prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why we offer free shipping on all our orders. We understand that shipping costs can sometimes add up and impact your budget. 

That's why we have taken the initiative to cover the shipping expenses, ensuring that our valued customers can enjoy the convenience of receiving their custom boxes without any additional charges. 

No Die & Cut Charges

Say goodbye to expensive die and cut charges with Tim Packaging. We believe in providing our customers with cost-effective solutions for their packaging needs. we don't burden you with additional fees for die and cut services.