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Want a design or your brand logo on the package box? Then Tim Packaging is here to perk up your box with the sharp artwork. We come up with a wide spectrum of custom boxes and printing designs to give you the best fit. Discover your favourite style and design of the box to get what you want. We make sure to create an elegant and colourful box with the touch of our special spark. Whether you want a gift box or a number of packages for your shop, we are up to serving you. Let’s join together and save your items from weather and other harm!


At Tim Packaging, we are strictly against over-charging and poor-quality material. So we are up to give you a guarantee that you will get 100% flexible and durable custom boxes at wholesale pricing points from us. Call us. Give details. And pick your box or boxes from the doorstep.


Resounding and Quality in Custom Packaging

Tee up your custom box with us. Proper binding and quality material make our packaging boxes top-tier—no leakage issue. Do not get moist or damp. Not deformed on moving from one spot to another!

When it comes to making a lasting impression, custom packaging plays a pivotal role. Every product deserves packaging that not only protects it but also reflects its brand identity. That's where resounding and quality custom packaging comes into play.

From sturdy materials to captivating designs, every element is carefully crafted to create an unforgettable unboxing experience. Whether it's a luxurious gift or a high-end product, custom packaging ensures that it stands out from the crowd.

With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, resounding and quality custom packaging elevates your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

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Elevate Your Sales with Exciting Customization Option in Custom Packaging

It’s not only the product that booms your business but also the packaging that pulls the customers towards you. The box with the perfect layout and functionality will save your items from getting spoiled and compel many to pick your product.

In today's competitive market, standing out is essential to drive sales and capture attention. That's why custom packaging with exciting customization options is a game-changer.

By offering unique and personalized packaging solutions, you create a memorable brand experience that resonates with your customers. From eye-catching designs to tailored messages, customization allows you to connect on a deeper level and leave a lasting impression.

Whether it's adding a special touch with foil stamping or incorporating interactive elements, custom packaging elevates your product presentation to the next level. By embracing exciting customization options, you can captivate your audience, boost sales, and create a loyal customer base.

Get Quality Custom Packaging Boxes:

With the motto “Prioritise packaging material“, we bring eco-friendly custom boxes that can reuse again. We have a bunch of varieties of unique style boxes, including die-cut boxes, pillow shape boxes, elongated perfume boxes and many others to fit all types of accessories. 

Furthermore, with us, you can get:

  • Unique custom box styles to make your distinct identity in the market.
  • Mesmerising design and colour usage to soothe the customer’s eye.

So pick your design and see what magic we will add to it with colours, material and artwork.


Packaging boxes are all about the material that can jazz up your box game or down in a flash. Therefore, we use the box’s material that is not too delicate (prevent tearing) and not too hard. We use a durable variety of materials, including paper board, cardboard, and kraft matrial to assemble them into different patterns and shapes.

 We opt for the material according to the accessories’ texture and condition. If it’s a food item, we go for the weather-resistant box, or if it’s a cosmetic box, we select the container that can balance the item and not break it.


At Tim Packaging, we focus on every detail, including the inserts, to make it a perfect custom box. Whether you want to fit the cushioned foam or tissue paper in the box, we can add the inserts professionally so that they will not misplace from their place. Also, it will provide balance to your item within the box and make unboxing easier.


We also add subtle touches to create a bomb-ass box for your item. We have all options, from inducing window cuts to printing a logo or creating a design on a box. We use different printing techniques and high-quality inks to emboss an alluring design on it. Apart from this, we can add any other feature that will make your box a perfect package to hold the accessories.

Coating And Different Types Of Custom Boxes With Logo:

A perfect layout and coating make the box outstanding and attractive to customers. This is the reason we bring novelty to the coating. We have textured paper coating, glittered polishing, pearlised layer and many other types.

For extra shielding and durability, we also have a lamination coating to resist dust and accomplish the smooth layer and texture over it. Apart from this, we use the AQ coating and UV spot for food items, saving your items from environmental factors.

So whether you want to remove the grim outlook or give it a high-end finishing touch, we have choices for you. Just give us your specifications and see what we can create for you.

Printing Options:  

Tim Packaging is running on top because of its printing options. Whether you want an imagery design, print cartoons, or your brand labels and logos, we pick the printing technique that goes well and suits your theme. Our services package includes foil stamping, embossing and debossing, digital printing, flexographic printing and wide other varieties to give you the customised box at affordable costs.

Why Work With Tim Packaging?

If you yearn for superior quality custom boxes that can withstand the temperature and other factors, then Tim Packaging is the perfect partner to collab with. Here, we ensure to give you attractive boxes for your food brand, cosmetic shops, and any other need. Apart from this, we offer free delivery services and also have an offer to give you 1000 boxes or any other quantity you want. Calling us is the wise selection for quick delivery and a better experience.

Adorable And Sturdy Custom Kraft Boxes:

Unfortunately, your ordered box barely fits a perfume bottle because it’s a kid-size one. Or does the strong sinister odour force you to leave them to sit out?

Or you are not sure what bothers you about your packaging boxeswhether it’s poor material or making. 

That’s why Tim Packaging brings 100% eco-friendly and recycled custom kraft boxes to pack your friend’s gift, jewellery or any other thing in an elegant way.

We have perfect size boxes of high-quality cardboard material whose shape will never deform while shipping and will surely fit your needs. The following perks are available when you knock on our place:

  • Bulk sets of boxes with unique designs.
  • Long-lasting with no issue of tearing or accepting dust on it.
  • Available in different shapes and colours with graceful decorative features.

How We Make Our Custom Packaging Boxes?

The poor quality box spoiled the item that you packed in it? You want a package that resists oxygen, heat or light to save your food item. Or yearning for a moisture-resistant box that does not let the water drop to ruin your packed wristwatch. Tim Packaging has a solution for all!

We do not use a bunch of crap material to create a gift, mailer or bakery boxes. However, we use flexible and durable material in making the damage saver box.

  • We use chemical wood pulp paper, Bux-board paper, and E-flute corrugated paper, which can recycle and is friendly to the environment.
  • Furthermore, we coat the box with gloss or matte finishing to make its rough and coarse texture shine, which is perfect for dry items or gift accessories.
  • We layer the food packaging boxes with a barrier coating, which makes it easier to pack bakery items or other eatables.
  • To give you perfect bio-degradable containers, we also have an option of Spot UV coating (primarily for food boxes) to save your packed accessories from sun rays.

Why Choose Tim Packaging?

We know there are many manufacturers of custom boxes in the market, but stopping your hand on our box will be worth it. And is because the next 3 diamond star features:

Elegant Designs:

Does your box look freakish because of its poor design or odd colour touch? Tim Packaging gives you a stunning box by bleaching out the brown completely. We have a wide array of designs, including custom window cut-out boxes, pillow boxes, die-cut boxes, flat view one boxes and many other box designs in different shapes.

Adds-On Features:

We can emboss a logo on your box using our printing techniques or die-cutting process. Or we can print a graphic or image on it to make the box alluring and attractive for openers. 

Also, for the cloth retailers or jewellery brands who want dazzling and prominent boxes, we use soy-based and raised ink techniques to imprint a design on them. Apart from this, we can also give gold or silver foiling, add white or other stripes, create rose gold designs or coordinate with wrap bands.

Fast Delivery:

Whether you have arranged a family reunion and for this you want custom printed boxes to pack the gifts or a cosmetic brand and aspire to make your packaging dazzling, we can make it accessible for you. Our turn-around time is 5-6 working days, and we will ensure to deliver you the 50 or 5000 boxes within a period. In short, we can ship a bulk of sets in a flash!

How Do We work?

Tim Packaging team is so much into the finest crafting. That’s the reason we focus on dimensions, quantities and every other detail to make precise custom printed boxes for you.

  • Measure sizes and cut them into perfect shapes.
  • Glue and score it in the exact desired frame.
  • Polish it with your desired colour (on-demand).
  • Pack and deliver the box.

Get Exotic Boxes From Us:

If you want to pack soap, beauty products, candles, and fresh food items in remarkable boxes that can bear temperature pressures and other environmental factors, then our custom printed boxes are just for you. We guarantee you that our cost-effective boxes are strong enough to hold the style and retain its structure. Also, we assure you that placing your order now will be worth value for you.

What Our Client Say

Discover What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Packaging Solutions

I was so impressed with the custom boxes I bought from Tim Packaging! They were exactly what I was looking for, and the quality was amazing.


Their selection is top-notch, and their customer service is outstanding. I will definitely be back the next time Thanks, Tim Packaging!


The boxes arrived quickly and were exactly what I needed to protect my valuable items during shipping. Love their customer support and prices.


We have been working with Tim Packaging for a few years now and are always impressed with the quality of boxes we receive.


Frequently Asked Question

Tim Packaging FAQs Help You To Unleash Your Packaging Potential And Uncovers The Secrets of Successful Packaging

  • How Can I Place An Order For Custom Packaging Boxes?

    Visit our website, choose your desired specifications, quantity, and submit our quote form.

  • What materials are available for custom packaging boxes?

    We offer a wide range of materials including cardboard, corrugated board, and rigid board for your custom packaging needs.

  • Can I request a sample of my box before placing an order?

    Yes, we provide the option to request a sample to ensure your satisfaction before proceeding with a larger order.

  • What is the typical turnaround time for custom orders?

    Our turnaround time varies depending on the complexity and quantity of the order. Contact our team for specific details.

  • What shipping options are available for custom orders?

    We offer various shipping options to accommodate your needs, including standard shipping, express delivery, and international shipping.

  • Do you provide design assistance for custom packaging boxes?

    Yes, we have a team of skilled designers who can help you create the perfect packaging design for your brand.

  • Are there any minimum order quantities for custom packaging ?

    Generally we offer no minimum quantity. The minimum order quantity may vary depending on the specifications of the custom packaging boxes. Contact us for details.

  • Can my logo or design printed on the custom packaging boxes?

    Absolutely! We offer custom printing options, including the ability to add your logo, branding, and other design elements.